Consultation Options

In Clinic Consultation

We are welcoming annual health exams and vaccine updates, in addition to sick and urgent care appointments. We are currently a ‘pets only’ hospital, and ask that you phone the clinic when you arrive with your pet. One of our lovely team members will welcome your pet inside, while a doctor calls you outside to get a thorough history and understand your concerns. We will complete the physical examination and call you with our findings, and our recommendation for any further diagnostics tests, treatments or medications. Once we have discussed the plan with you and have obtained your verbal approval, your pet will be returned to you and we can collect contactless payment. Please remember to bring an umbrella, dress for the weather and don’t forget your cellphone. 

Virtual Consultation
Our virtual consultation is a great option to compliment your pet’s annual health exam or triage concerns, without having to leave your living room! One of our doctors will spend 30 minutes with you reviewing your pet’s previous medical history, discussing your concerns, performing a distance exam and prescribing any required medication. If they recommend your pet is dropped off for an in hospital examination, there will be no additional drop off fee or examination charge. We can prescribe medications for sidewalk pickup from the hospital, or to a pharmacy closest to your home. We will discuss any preventative care or diagnostic testing recommendations and obtain your verbal consent before proceeding with any treatments or tests. Examples of appointments which are suitable for telemedicine may include annual health exams for vaccines and parasite preventative refills, skin concerns or itchy pets, ear infections, mild GI upset, lameness evaluations, triaging non-urgent concerns, quality of life discussions, chronic disease management, behavioral consultations, nutrition advice and parasite identification and treatment. They are a great way to get face-to-face time with your veterinarian, prior to a drop off appointment, at not additional charge. 
We believe it is our ethical duty to do what we can to slow the spread of the virus and minimize the impact on our community and our healthcare professionals, while still providing comprehensive care for your furry loved ones. We understand that it can feel upsetting or frustrating to not be able to accompany your pet in the hospital, but please understand this is to minimize the risk of an outbreak, as we are not able to safely distance in exam rooms. An outbreak could lead to the entire hospital closing, which would directly affect our ability to provide care for pets in need. We would also have to decrease our capacity of pets we could provide care for, which would increase an already lengthly waitlist as we work to provide preventative care for those unable to access it during the period where we were only providing urgent care. We are actively working on a reopening plan that will incorporate the needs of our patients, their families, our team and the community. 
We appreciate your patience and understanding.